Hello there ! It's H4O aka Hao 😛

Software guy, Potterhead, I waste my time on useless thoughts. Here you'll find stuffs I made/wrote, I might upload some random things.

Also, I wordplay with my name a little too much... , check it out 🥲

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I write about softwares, technical stuffs and various topics. I know it's sleepy reading long text, so I'm trying my best to keep short.

dev log

Every couple days, I tend to write up what I've been working on. It helps me see how much I'm getting done.

cơm tấm

A traditional rice dish in Saigon. I live and breath it (actually this sounds suck), definitely will die peacefully with a dish of cơm tấm on my elderly bed.

Libraries & Frameworks (JS/TS)


Replacement for JS default JSON.parse/stringify with BigInt support, written in TS. It solved the consistency dilemma of JSONB.parse(JSONB.stringify(o)) round trip.


Simple tracer written in TS that output Google's Trace Event format.


Basically I wanted to call postman with JS/TS lib, so this is it. A tiny-framework to create postman-like cli.